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Comments (8)

Nicely put, dude.

Reminding me of that audio documentry on video game parodies was a burst of NG nostalgia. What serious business it was back in the day!

I appreciate the kind words dude, glad people feel this way after the killer hours that went into it.

That was sweet jake, thankyou for the kind words!

Can't but agree. :) Was going to say people still make cartoons solely with the aim to be popular, and this is still a shame, but the quality really has increased sooo much since those old days all over! For whatever purpose it may be. Maybe we're just not seeing the full spectrum with all that moved to YT. though. Possibly a lot of animated crap going under the radar there too.

I feel that's both good and bad though, as it's also harder for just any normal dude to dive into animation and make fun stuff without also making it visually appealing on a professional level. But as tools and hardware keep improving so does access to all the stuff you really need to raise your level of animation. Like: tablets. But even then, it suddenly feels like a commitment to start animating, where back in the day anyone would just pick up Flash and throw in a few motion tweens or draw some lines and do whatever they wanted to. Learning by trial and error.

I miss that part of those days, but looking at this collab... I am happy to be alive now too! :D Maybe we're getting into another golden age now. Creativity without bounds. Much agreed. I was surprised how easy it was to let 45 minutes just pass by too.

this was a good write up, except for the part where you leave your switch code or whatever, very unclassy.

I'm pretty impressed by this collab and the ideas of the future as well. I think its been an interesting period of time the last 10ish years. For as much as youtube STOLE from newgrounds, it is good (they probably saw no value in it anyways) that they never captured the collaborative spirit of the animation scene. Love or hate smash / dragonball z / transformers / etc, you cant help but love the spirit of people getting together for the hell of it and flexing their muscles, not for sponsors or subscribez or like buttons, but just for a genuine shared common interest.

I think Ivan and those other guys are doing great things to evolve the collaborative scene, and i think alot of great things are still to come as you said.

The fact NG still gathers people together for collabs to this day is just amazing. I want to start my own collab soon, whenever that might be.

I think you summed up what everyone was feeling pretty well~ The whole collab was super charming to watch for sure